My First Podcast

Some of you may have run across this already, however I wanted to share that the amiable Cherrie McKenzie interviewed me on her site: CoActive Dreams. I really enjoyed ‘talking tiny’ with Cherrie about my thoughts on Tiny Houses, and how I plan to live intentionally.

This experience was so much fun, that I am considering starting up my very own podcast. Of course, I wouldn’t turn down other opportunities to share my interest in this movement. There are so many people in the Tiny House Community – just now there are over 7,500 members of the Tiny House People Facebook site – started by Macy Miller only 3 months ago. It’s clear, this area of interest is growing rapidly.

Click the play button below to listen now, or subscribe to Cherrie’s podcast Imagine Radio for a variety of ever-interesting topics on Stitcher.

Don’t have time for the interview in it’s entirety, that’s alright. You can listen to a short clip, here: