An Early Concept Model


I want to share a peek at one of the studies I am working on. While the model doesn’t show the interiors, you might be able to see hints of some of the details. A few surprises are yet in store related to this design… which I’ll refine a bit over the rest of the week.

Yes, there’s something of a loft developing, which is a great way to both provide an additional sleeping area, as well as access to the roof. The maximum height above the road when traveling on a US roadway is 13′-4″. By creating a popup loft, much like a camper van, some additional headroom can be gained – while also not requiring a special permit to take it for a trip.

If you’re interested, this sketch model was created while on my flight back to Seattle. The software is FormIt, an Autodesk app that’s both free, and currently runs on iPad and Android tablets.