This is just a small collection of resources and links. I’ll definitely add to it as I have time. I hope you find these resources useful and inspiring.

Inspiring Tiny Housers – Macy Miller – B.A. Norrgard – Derek “Deek” Diedricksen – Ryan Mitchell & Andrew Odom

Shipping Container Home Designer/Fabricators – Seattle, WA – Seattle, WA – Seattle, WA & Missoula, MT – New Zealand

Tiny House Manufacturers

8 thoughts on “Resources”

    1. I’ll look into it. Thanks. It might require more power than I could provide if I go all solar, off grid.

      1. Right, where’s this Revit model? You’ve had a day to finish it!! (wink). Would love to have a look too when it is ready. Love what you are doing here.

        BTW, more than happy to help with any manual work on your project if you need any. Will just need a return business class air ticket from Melbourne, Australia.

        1. Haha. Soon-ish… I want to ensure the doors are operable with angle parameters and all the DWG junk is replaced with native Revit families. Hopefully this weekend it will be all perty.

          Perhaps when I have some spare cash. I hear cargo ships sometimes take passengers if they have spare bunks. It’s a bit slow.

          1. Thanks for your generous offer. In return, I’ll see if can bring you any spare containers that may be onboard. There should be a few empty containers ex Australia given our total exports now amount to 300 packets of Tim Tam biscuits per annum. Oh, that reminds me, I’ll bring some biscuits too.

          2. Haha. Sad state of affairs. Hey… I saw something stamped Made in Australia on the road a few months ago in Seattle. A huge over width crate big enough to to hold 300 Wallaby. How do you pluralize that word? Anyway. Love the biscuits. Been too long since I’ve had them.

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