A Tale of Two…

A little tongue in cheek title for this post, with a purpose. You see, two years ago I was beginning construction of BentoBox. Wow. Two years. That was work.


Yeah, I had a number of starts and stops. I’m proud of where I was, and although I thought I’d be living in it after 12, certainly 18 months, I had a lot of life changes and, to be honest, depression to deal with. It was a long journey. I did things to be healthier. To be more open, kind and honest with myself and others. Breaking free from years of doing things in one way. That takes a different kind of work.

Well, today is the beginning of a new era. The journey I started with BentoBox will continue with new owners and a new location in the coming months.

I had a cupcake to celebrate and I bought enough to share with the whole studio at my new job at NBBJ London. These magnificent cupcakes are from my new favourite London baker, Tegan the Vegan, who caters events and will deliver custom orders. I am not afraid to admit in the more than two weeks since I arrived, have had cupcakes from several places here and these are the best.


It’s hard to have two homes. I love Seattle, however I love travel and living in London for the next two years (likely) will be such an adventure. I’ve already started exploring and taking photos. Many of which I’ll post here and Instagram. Seattle is still home to me. Although, I’m getting settled into my flat just one block from the office in a fairly trendy part of the city.


So, the acronym goes Tiny House on Wheels. What about Tiny House on Water? I was able to explore one of the many canals in the city last weekend: Regent’s Canal… where for several miles (yes, distance is still imperial units) there are canal boats. So many canal boats. In fact, a coworker lives in one, and I’m vying for a tour. Some are long, some short, and some are single or double wide. The narrow boats are compatible with the ancient Roman aqueducts that still exist in the country. Locks on the canal are still manually operated. It’s such a wonderful community that’s formed round this lifestyle and the canals edge is a very pedestrian and bike friendly way to get around.

This one is Eddie approved.

Seattle & London

These two cities are each amazing. Comparing them is just not possible. Sure, there’s unfamiliar things like the right-hand drive cars, looking over your right shoulder when crossing the street (important), and the mix of measurements. Pints are bigger here, cups are smaller, and the mile is still a mile, yet recipes for baking are in grams. So, I went native and bought a measuring scale. After seeing all these boats on the water, I somehow needed to make pizza or two, so that happened (see my IG for drool-worthy food posts).

There is more history in both the architectural fabric and art in museums here. For that, I am blown away by every cobblestone street I turn down. And also incredible new architecture. You might ask why the strange title… it’s a reference to ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, by Charles Dickens. I’m sort of having my own revolution of sorts. The dual nature of our world and comparisons of old and new are very much on my mind right now.

Reminders of Dickens are everywhere, including some of the streets around me – there’s an Ebenezer Street just five minutes walk away. Actually, I’ve barely dented the city and have been walking everywhere. I’ll need to ride the trains and black cabs more. And sign up for a double decker bus tour. The weather was Spring-like today, at 16C (60F). Life is good.

The vegan food options here are completely mind blowing. Don’t let anyone tell you the food in the UK is bland. They haven’t been recently. A foodie and (thank the universe) a coffee snobbery have invaded at least in my small corner of the city.

I am missing home, however I can still get my Ethiopian single origin Yirgachefe medium roasted organic fair trade shade grown coffee. Mmmm. I blame my friend Maxwell in Everett, WA (who btw is one of the best baristas I know) for my levelled up coffee taste buds. He’s opening a new shop, which you should all visit. Shameless plug, if you can get there when he opens, go.

Tiny is relative

Everyone defines tiny houses in their own way. I travelled here because I have become a minimalist. It wasn’t easy. I’m thankful for the process that led me here. I will build again another, different tiny house. Will it be from a container? Maybe. There are plenty to go around. Besides the pop up shops and BoxPark and container malls I’ve found, there are apartments and signs, and street art.

I will continue this blog, hopefully helping to document BentoBox with the new owners some time soon. The nice thing about unboxing the future, you are never sure what’s to come. I find that exciting. Stick around, I hope you will join me in the next chapter. Time to pass the keys and trust in the universe. With each end, a new beginning. I love you all.