Say ‘Hello’ to the Music Box

Now, you’d think I planned the title, if you knew how much I keep messing with house names. I do like removing unnecessary space, which is why I named my house BentoBox and have a second semi-secret project named PlantrBox in the works. Truly coincidence that the builder – the one and only famous Abel Zimmerman, aka Zyl, or Zyl Vardos, came up with the name with the owners.

I’ve visited lots of tiny houses in the last few months as indicated in my last blog post. It’s time to start letting some photos and stories out so I can share with all of you. My writing backlog in incredible.

Kat Ly house
Not the Music Box… my new landie, Kat Ly lives here. photo credit: Malissa Tack

Last weekend, two amazing things happened: I attended a small private gathering of friends to see the Music Box tiny house owned by my friends Kat and Melville in Olympia, WA, and second another Kat moved her tiny house from Kirkland to Everett to join our humble Tiny Acre Collective, parking next to me and the Tiny Tack House. So, we have three houses here again (2 1/2 really  since mine is still far from complete). For this post, let’s focus on the Music Box.

This house is relatively simple in layout, one volume of space, with a bathroom at the front end of the trailer. It’s about 8ftx24ft, weighs 8,500lbs dry and has some really sharps details. Much like my design, the bed is on a raised platform and not a loft. So there’s storage underneath and a rabbit hutch.

Even more great photos are found on the builder’s site.

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