The Travel Bug

I’ve had the travel bug all my life, and been fortunate enough to see so many places in North America. The largest city in the world, Shanghai, was home for nearly two weeks once for work (and so much sightseeing). I also enjoy living vicariously through others. A group of my colleagues from NBBJ went to Iceland and now that they’ve returned are sharing many of the best of the best photos on the Instagram account: @nbbjoregano (because spice makes everything nice).

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 9.58.56 PM

I mention this because, I’ve done a lot of travel myself lately. Soul searching of a sort. In the last four months I’ve (all tiny house related) been to North Carolina, Oregon, Alaska, the coast of Washington, Arizona and even visited a new Hobbit House just 3 hours from home. I also went through a personal journey of some very difficult changes in my life. Not much time to share details, because I’m off yet again.

This time I’m heading to the Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs. There, I’ll be hobnobbing, doing some photo journalism for the press, speaking on stage about Designing for Wellness, and signing and selling copies of Turning Tiny as part of my new début as a published author. What is happening to me? Just when I needed it most, all these amazing things come together at once. It’s such a wonderful time to be vibrantly alive.

So, the blog and the tiny house build are not receiving the love they need. I’m focussing more on self-care, and doing the things that give me joy: developing relationships with great people and travel. The house and blog will, though after this pause. When I’m back early next week, there will be so much energy and enthusiasm, you will probably ask me to ‘take it down a notch’. Haha.

IMG_8632 (1)I’ll be shooting lots of photos, and posting on my Instagram, Twitter and new sister Facebook page for this project, UnBoxedHouse. Catch up with you soon.

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