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While progress photos are still to come (I have so many that I need to spend an evening to sort and tag), I’d like to share some new imagery. A bit of changes in the field necessitated adjustments to the Revit model to reflect where materials change on the exterior. We’ve had some great weather lately, great if you’re a fish, and taking advantage of that indoor time to add some shine to the feature rendering of BentoBox. If you’re familiar with the older version, we now have simplified the front elevation to have more Shou Sugi Ban treated siding, aligned the storefront window with the operable awning above and now by studying every rain drop that’s fallen in this record Seattle winter, we know where all the deep sills and flashing needs installing. Bonus.


I also have decided to add a little (OK, Baylie told me to “go big or go home”) porch which will sit over the front of the house. This will server the purpose of sheltering as I arrive home, enable me to continue to build confidently in most any weather in this very intricate area where the front door, pop out bay window and utility connections exist, it also provides a nice covered outdoor space next to the courtyard that the entire Tiny Acre Collective – affectionately known as my landies (thanks to my wonderful friends at Simply Home Community for that term). I’ve started building this and still need to find the right translucent roofing material for this structure that is not a blue tarp – perhaps TufTex.


I’ve started to order glass for the tiny house. Below is the preliminary design submittal for the product Kalwall, a fiberglass insulated panel system, which will be under the folding shed roof. I’m hoping it will make a nice daylighting effect and produce a warm glow from the outside in the evenings. it will be my contemporary version of the lighthouse to mark the way home and help avoid bumping the stone wall in the driveway with my car. I’ll share a higher resolution version of this once all the details are resolved and as always, the BentoBox designs shall be open source and soon available through the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license.




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  1. Hey Sean!

    Thanks for sharing these details of your build. Am I right in assuming that the Kalwall system will be similar to that of a curtain wall and so if you ever need to move your house the loft Kalwalls will be easily dis assembled and re assembled again? I love how you’ve added commercial design features into your build its a really creative design solution that I wish I would’ve thought of! I am now scouring their website for detail dwg’s so that I can better understand the construction of them lol.

    1. Why, thank you. That’s very kind. Are you a designer or architect?

      It is like a curtain wall system. I grew up around this stuff, because it’s made in Manchester, NH – where I went to high school. Also, my architecture building at RWU had it as part of the skylight system. I’ll be installing the clerestory with foam tape inside the stops so disassembly will be not destructive – recommended by the manufacturer. The size and weight of the panels will factor in this case. Really looking forward to getting those in place. I hope it looks as sweet as I imagine it.

      1. No problem! We’ve chatted on fb before, I’m an architectural technologist working in electrical right now haha. I might do design on my own one day, I do it as a hobby currently.

        I’m also interested in designing a folding roof for my tinyhouse since my partner is 6’6″. I’m looking to your roof ideas as my greatest source inspiration and guineapigging because no one else seems to be doing this. Also, the ones I have seen im skeptical about. I’m nervous of not having a weather tight and structurally sound house. But this idea seems pretty solid.

        Do you need studs behind the panel’s? If so how are you planning that part of it? I was thinking perhaps they would be steel so that you can easily unfasten them and then rebuild that small section once moved. I’m trying to look at your posted details but its too small to read anything haha. anytime you wanna brainstorm with me I’m down. Also! I’ll see you this year at the tiny house jamboree- we just bought our flights 😀

        1. Oh, right! Coolness. I need to post the pics and do a write up of the roof mechanisms. Planning on metal column covers over threaded rod tie-downs at the corners and middle of the long face. The hinges are super simple and were a collaboration with my good friend and alumnus, Rui Duarte –

  2. Hello Sean,

    Great work!
    I am wondering would you like to share your modeling workflow? especially the part of corrugated wall.
    I am working on a project will be built with shipping container, but have no cue how to model it.

    it would be grateful if you could point direction that I can think about.



    1. Hi Ethan, what software do you use? I created my model in Revit and can export it in multiple formats.

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