BentoBox – Latest Renderings

Designers Gonna Design. That’s the way it is. I just can’t stop refining my design until the components are in place and built.

So, here are the latest images of the BentoBox  (click on an image to enlarge):

I’ve got two hats on my house. I did start framing the second ‘hat’. Updated photo progress coming soon. The little low slung beret, where hipsters can hang out on the roof deck (after signing a waver or I figure out a way to get a railing up there).

The second roof has a split personality. In the ‘parked’ configuration as seen here is a shed roof.  The hat on my house as well as many local buildings,  affectionately referred to by architects in this area as the Seattle Sombrero.

Speaking of hats. Yes, it rains a lot here. So the flat roof is not really flat (sloped 1/4″ per foot) and as you may have noticed in my previous post, has an integrated roof drain (sloped 1/2″ per foot) which will be connected to a removable downspout for rainwater harvesting.

During travel mode, the shed roof folds flat, to stay under the maximum height of 13′-6″ (4.11 meters). That is the most common DOT standard in the states and provinces of the USA and Canada. The house is a bit taller than most tiny houses when parked.  Full height (for me) in the tatami room is important. That room is 42 inches (1050mm) above the main level, so all these heights add up fast, including the trailer. The roof overhead will be a continuous standing seam metal roof with that material continuing down the back wall.

The exterior materials are composed of a combination of steel, dark brown stained wood windows and shou sugi ban wood siding, a Japanese technique of burning wood to seal it from the elements. Here’s a fantastic video by Delta Millworks in Texas, who I hope to work with for my project.

Delta Millworks (Trailer) from Good Luck Sir on Vimeo.

I’ve never seen anyone do such beautiful work as they do, examples of different species and techniques are found here: 

I’ll still be working out the construction details and materials for the area above the fixed wall on the shed roof. I would love to do something like a highly insulated translucent panel, however must be mindful of the budget.