The Eagle has Landed

I’ll be putting together a few images and possibly a short video of this over the next several weeks. So many things happening all at once, it’s very exciting. I’ve got some news about press coverage on my project to share soon, and will be hosting a project kickoff party with my local Tiny House Enthusiasts group.

I must admit, this is the largest thing I’ve ever had delivered. At nearly $1 per pound, it seems like I got a screaming good deal. Thank you Port Containers for all your great customer service. I wish I had specified which way to face the doors… hindsight being 20/20, I may need to make a few adjustments to my design. The towing company was professional, and I was surprised how easily it dropped where I needed it.

The container is now set on the driveway on exterior grade plywood, and this weekend I will jack it up on temporary cribbing to level it. I’ve made a couple of very crude renderings in Revit to mock-up the roof and materials. Am very pleased with where things are heading. The trailer design is also coming along – progress image below.

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    1. It’s a good residential neighborhood of small to medium sized homes, with a mixture of professionals, working class folk and student rentals. Everyone is very positive and supportive. I rent part of a house on a double lot and have an excellent live in landlord. People are even offering to lend tools.

  1. This is pretty exciting. I saw your comment on the Mountaineer post about them coming to Seattle. So I had to click on through. First of all, congrats on starting. That’s always a kicker.

    Digging through your site and FAQ, I looked through your supplier for the container, then saw that you had moved away from the flat roof to a butterfly. What type of container did you purchase? I saw that Port had an option for a open roof container. Was that considered as an option since you’ll be taking the roof off your container yet?

    Best of luck! Perhaps we’ll meet at the Mountaineer meet up. Cheers!

    1. Wish I had known about the open roof option. I just bought a standard 20ft length. Although I may build my roof in stages, so for now it’s nice to have a dry box. The butterfly roof has a secret (to provide enough headroom it will have to be on a hydraulic lift, to stay under the DOT restrictions while on the road) all depends on timing and budget.

      Looking forward to seeing the Mountaineer project for sure. Cheers, and thank you.

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