Hello, Dolly!

Container DollyWell, here’s an alternative to a trailer that I had not previously considered.  This, dear readers, is what is known as a cargo dolly.  In its former life, this was used by the military to transport equipment and temporary buildings.  This is an intriguing idea, since the container could sit lower than a trailer when transporting to save fuel, and can be set back down and the dolly stowed for future use.  The photo shows it not quite in it’s upright position, which is a little higher than the axle. The seller updated it, added electric brakes, cleaned it up with some shiny paint and it passed inspection with the Texas DOT.  It could be yours, for the right price on eBay. Current bid is USD $2,000. That’s priced significantly less than some other options, which is something to sing about.


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