Tiny Talk

IMG_0899I enjoy going to lectures and discussions. Typically the venue is quite large, whether a conference, local Seattle “Old Town Hall” lecture, on Giant Steps at the office (our meeting spaces are named after jazz albums) or events hosted by the UW Architecture program. Earlier this month, I went to a Tiny Talk. Not just a small group, it was also a talk about ‘tiny’, as in tiny house living. The meeting area in the bookstore was completely packed and even after the staff brought in extra chairs it was still standing room only.

Dee Williams, an early western pioneer in the tiny house movement in the U.S., has released a book titled “The Big Tiny: A Built-It Myself Memoir”.  The talk she gave at Third Place Books, not a 10 minute bus ride from my house, was fantastic. Dee is such a passionate person about life and living tiny. Her energy and ability to share the experiences of living in a small space with such tactility (I hope I’m not giving too much away) really inspired me to begin putting more energy into my design. Her home was one of the first tiny houses on wheels I discovered and I am really enjoying this book.

Read more about Dee, the book and ongoing tour dates on her company’s site Portland Alternative Dwellings – aka PAD.  http://padtinyhouses.com/the-big-tiny/

Christopher Tack, owner with his wife Malissa of the nearby Tiny Tack House, took some great photographs of the event, such a this one below, which you can find more of on the MeetUp site.

Dee Williams signing her book for tiny house enthusiasts north of Seattle, WA. ~ by Christopher Tack, http://tackphoto.com


If, for some reason you are unable to attend a book event, you should watch Dee at a local TEDx event in Portland, OR. I can’t recommend this enough:

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