Surf Shack, UnBoxed


The Surf Shack is a project, designed by Hartman Kable, that I’m surprised I am just now finding out about. There’s some seriously amazing and well-executed ideas in this compact project. Completed in 2006, this shipping container beach house project has the inverse of my concept. Raw and untouched on the exterior, the advantages of course being it is vandal and weather resistant while closed up. Personally, I’m not fond of white laminate. It does seem to work well in this case. I especially appreciate the way things neatly fold away into the walls.

Given that this project is on the Washington State coast, I will definitely add this to my list of places to visit. There are so many questions I have to ask the designer.

Watch the video below (starting at about 1:56), then check out more behind the story, here:

Kable’s more recent work can be found here:

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