Iterative fun

A bit more fun on my iPad with FormIt, a free Autodesk app. This took about forty five minutes – averaging 3 minutes each. I cheated a bit using the array tool to get started. I’m getting quite good at it. Anything yellow is new material, versus gray being the re-mixed parts of the shipping container. Growing fond of the ‘low-rider’ in the front row. I imagine it on hydraulics to tilt up at a slight pitch revealing the entrance. I might even do another 15 studies this evening.



Want to experiment? Below is a link to the files, which you can open in FormIt on an iPad, Android tablet or using the Beta online version. Or, you can open the automagically converted Revit (.RVT) or ACIS (.SAT) files from the Autodesk 360 cloud service.

FormIt – Iterative Fun design files – 1.6mb

2 thoughts on “Iterative fun”

  1. Does the size of the container represent the maximum it can be? Meaning if you were to do something that added 8″ to the height would it then be outside limits?

    1. Not at all. I can add 6″ to the width and up to 2′-4″ to the height when on the trailer to stay within legal DOT standards across the U.S.

      I like the idea of being able to let it expand when parked, so there is no height limit in that case.

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