The List

After reading Dee Williams’ book, The Big Tiny: A Built It Myself Memoir, I decided that it was important for me to start making a list of what will be in my tiny house. This includes what I wish to keep as well as items that I will own as a part of living as a new minimalist. There will be likely many changes between now and when living in the house. That’s OK.

So, the list is a little short now… As it grows, I will have to keep editing, by carefully reviewing what I do use and love in my home. Multi-purpose items are great, however I am not a robot. All form, fit and function makes Sean a dull boy. Sometimes, that thing is going to make the list because it holds a special meaning, a memory of a loved one, or because it just makes me laugh.

#1: Bialetti Moka Express espresso potbialetti-moka-express

#2: A modern clock I’ve had for a number of years. Still my favorite color.wall clock

#3: (see, I told you it was a short list at the moment)

4 thoughts on “The List”

  1. Ha! This is perfect Sean. I have been thinking exactly the same thing…what to keep as we move forward on our tiny house project. What an adventure! Great site btw…will be applauding your progress from Seattle!

    1. Thanks so much. Lot’s of micro decisions to make along the way. I didn’t realize you two were in Gig Harbor – not very far from me. Loving your site as well. I will be following very closely as you make the big journey into tiny!

  2. I love the coffee that those little espresso pots makes, but I’ve always been worried about the fact that they’re made of aluminum. I’m assuming that you know something about their safety that I don’t. Tell me, please!

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