Silent But Deadly, or Ten Years Later

I’m quite surprised that my blogging career has lasted ten years this month. I was also about ten years ago that I started working my way toward the west coast, by joining the large design software company, Autodesk. Many things have changed since then. I started initially blogging about technology in architecture, specifically BIM and computational design – which you can always find back at It’s really dry stuff. Certainly not as much fun as melting steel and charred wood siding. That’s beside the point.

What I really want to share with you is this amazing exposure BentoBox has had recently. I’ve joined the professional tiny housers circuit – apparently. Even though my house is far from complete, the community has been very kind to me and supportive of this idea. Apparently, it doesn’t suck. Some days I feel it might. Today, I’m on top of the world.

For a tiny house enthusiast, I certainly say the word ‘huuuuuge’ often. You’ll just have to listen. Here’s the podcast of all podcasts. Even if you don’t like them, give it a listen. It’s great for any activity – gardening, commuting, sitting on the pot. Oh, and that isn’t the only drug reference, so if you’re easily offended, heed my warning. OK, it’s not really that bad.

What’s really amazing and serendipitous? I am on the episode following Jay Shafer (episode 46), who many consider the founding father of the modern tiny house movement, and who’s newspaper article I first read in 1999 and was immediately hooked. Yeah, I’ve wanted to follow this path for a long time, and now it’s actually happening. Give a listen. I hope you enjoy!

Oh, one footnote – I didn’t name the episode, however it makes me chuckle. Good advice when in tiny enclosed spaces: always have a vent running. And you can feel free to call me “The Notorious SDB” as Derek “Deek” Diedricksen has dubbed me. I have no idea what was on his mind at the time.

Visit for more info, the ability to subscribe on several platforms, including iTunes, as well as more episodes. It was a lot of fun recording this. And if you want to hear my very first podcast from back in the day, nearly two years ago, check out this post: Oh, how times change.