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Turning Tiny is not just any tiny house book, it literally collects the most stories — from over 60 tiny house dreamers, owners and builders  all more famous than me — in one place. I am fortunate to have met most of these authors and consider several as dear friends. The diverse perspectives and manifestations of ‘tiny’ make this unique 572-page book a keepsake you’ll treasure even with limited shelf space.

I’ll sign a copy for you, with a personal message if desired. ALL SALES must be completed by January 30th. Remaining inventory will be donated to the local library. Cheers.

From the publisher:

For the past few years Darin Zaruba has been watching the tiny house movement explode. As a a believer in sustainability, alternative housing, and unconventional thinking, he knew that the world and the movement was ready for something more. That is why in 2015 he founded the Tiny House Jamboree.

‘The Jam’ brought together tiny house luminaries and aficionados, each with a dynamic story. Because they were each so compelling and worth hearing time and again Zaruba decided to work with some of the brightest tiny house stars and publish Turning Tiny in an effort to bring more attention to the small-living paradigm that is reshaping the way we think, live, and dream!

Note: If you really would rather have a digital version of the book, or wish to read more about the many contributors, please feel free to visit: turningtiny.com

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