Going Mobile

So, I have finally made the plunge. I’ve ordered the trailer for my house foundation.

Designing a tiny house on wheels, THoW, is a decision many have to grapple with. Is your tiny house a building, an RV, or something else entirely? That of course will depend on where you live. Zoning laws regulate where one can build or park a tiny house, and if it’s seen as an RV or registered as such, for how long you can live in that place. Some call it recreation, and not living. Living requires a bedroom and kitchen, which by the legal description of them, I will have neither. I’ll elaborate on that topic in a future post. In many cases, you can only recreate in an RV in designated areas and not in others and for a limited amount of time.

We’ve been focused on building for so long, that eventually we’ll need to grapple with these questions. For now, no one is living in or recreating anywhere regarding my tiny house – especially with winter coming and not all the insulation or heating system installed. I’m just building. My full-time residence is in the shared three bedroom home, behind which this project will continue making. The living situation will depend on where we arrive with the town.

So, the trailer becomes important, for a couple of reasons. While not required for this build, as I’m below the minimum of 200 SF size necessary for a permit in this region, it will be incredibly convenient for the upcoming move, adjusting the placement on site and the occasional trade show and conference. Requests for appearances of the BentoBox has been flooding in, and I’m not even fully enclosed yet. I’ve a feeling that 2016 will be a big year!

Below is an image from the vendor’s site, Big Tex. My local dealer, Trailer Station, with multiple locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, gave me a fantastic deal and has been great through the ordering process. I strongly recommend them and looking forward to picking up my trailer soon. Video and photos will follow.


While a lot more beefy than your typical tiny house on wheels foundation, I’m not building your typical tiny house. I settled on an 8.5×20 deckover trailer (approximate size in feet). It is 34.5 inches high, and my house will be just under the 14′-0″ Washington State DOT limits for moving without a permit. The trailer rating is 14k GVWR, meaning the trailer and combined load cannot exceed 14,000 lbs. My house in progress at the moment when empty is estimated at 6,000 and the trailer is 3,500 lbs. My budgeted weight for the completed house with belongings will arrive barely under the designed capacity.

Eventually, I’ll attach the four corner twist locks to the trailer frame, so attaching of the container is not only secure, it’s removable when the need arises.


Next up, my roof gets installed and then I have to move to the new site in time for our community Open House on December 12th. Fingers crossed it all comes together. Here’s another teaser of the latest arrangement we’re looking to create.