The Torch of July

Sparks flew, loud kabooms rocked the neighborhood and there  were plenty of oohs and ahhhs. Of course, I’m talking about more progress on BentoBox in the form of cutting metal. Oh, there was the Fourth of July too. I pretty much slept through the fireworks from exhaustion.

We used an acetylene/oxygen torch which was significantly faster, although much messier and slightly more dangerous (given two explosive gasses are at play). Luckily, my neighbor has significant experience and equipment for welding and cutting steel.

Note, I do advocate safety. Be sure to follow all precautions and wear your safety gear. I always do. I am not responsible for those that don’t. For instance, when I polished the threshold where my new from door will sit, I used all the gear. Leather jacket/apron, leather gloves, face shield and hearing protection (see last photo). I also highly recommend grinding wheels with an added coarse grit paper on the wheel, like a corner/edge grinding flap disc type.

The moment the torch breaks through is mesmerizing. We captured some of that for you, here.Just like my progress building and blogging, I bring it to you in living color and slow motion.

Intentionally left the walls mostly up with just the corners attached for security. We did open the roof. Even though it’s Seattle, the current drought has meant I can leave the roof uncovered while adding the headers and framing above. More on that in the next post. You can see a hint of it in the last photo in the gallery below.



The original story on Hipstercrite is important to read first. Again, don’t click on my important video response until you read the article above, FIRST.


Now, I don’t live in a tiny house yet, but I will someday soon. My video response captures how I feel about it:

Video Response

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