The Miter Box Tiny house



Here’s an example of a tiny house on wheels, not a container, however the details are very interesting.  It’s called the Miter Box, due to its clean corners, and was completed last summer by Shelter Wise LLC out of Portland, Oregon. In fact, you can buy the plans on the Portland Alternative Dwelling (PAD) website.  At 8.36m2 (90sf), not including the sleeping loft, it’s a fair bit smaller than what I’m planning.  The limited material palette indoors and out makes this house seem larger, although that could be partially attributed to the necessity to use wide angle lenses when photographing these spaces.


After finding this little gem, I’m starting to come around to the idea of a “wet bath” , where the whole room is a shower.  It saves a great deal of space.  In doing more research; it’s becoming clear that dealing with moisture in such a small structure can become a challenge.  Even the moisture from cooking and exhaling while asleep! Being able to seal off the bathroom from the rest of the house while the fan deals with shower steam is critical to winning the fight against condensation in the wall cavity and mold. Just another thing to keep reminding myself when it comes time to detail my final design. Note to self: looking into roof air-conditioner or dehumidifier in addition to fans.


Excitingly, there’s a tiny house hotel in Portland where this model currently resides, listed as ‘The Pearl’, along with a couple others from different sources. The next time I am in Portland, I will make it a point to visit and stay here – Caravan Hotel.

via: Tiny House Talk

{Note: original article had the area incorrectly stated at 11.15m2 (120sf), which has been corrected above}

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